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July 28, 2006 Customer -

Thank you for making and your choice for Internet service. We would like to inform you that and are under new management. We hope to maintain the same level of customer service and support that Bill and Andrea Snelson have provided over the years. The Technical Support number will remain the same, 1-877-332-5050, but we are proud to announce that it will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 100% free of charge from this time moving forward.

We will be launching a new website as of Aug 1, 2006. We will be featuring a Members’ Section, which will provide up to date news, additional support features, as well as other helpful links and options. The Members’ Section will also allow you to login into your account and update all of your contact information if needed. We ask that you verify all of your information once this option is available.

In the coming months we would like to provide invoices via email, as well as give you the option of entering credit card information for a non-hassle monthly credit/check card billing option. Anyone switching to credit/check card billing will be charged on the 26th of each month for the next month’s service. During the month of August we will be offering $4 off of your next month’s service when you switch to monthly credit/check card billing. Call us at 1-877-332-5050, select Billing from the menu and mention this promotion.

The Terms of Service have been updated and are available off of the website, please take the time to review them. PLEASE NOTE THE NEW ADDRESS FOR PAYMENTS:

4720 200th ST SW SUITE 103
Lynnwood, WA 98036

We apologize for the delay in invoices being sent out this month. The invoice included with this letter is for August services and a prompt payment would be appreciated. All future invoices will be sent out as of the 15th for the next month’s service.

Thank you,

Netstream Dialup

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